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Nihon Agent Real Estate offers apartment search and housing service. Our International staff supports your living and find suitable rooms in Japan.

The world is becoming more globalized. However, the real estate market for foreigners in Japan is still not easy to navigate.
The renting process through the Japanese housing system is very complicated and loaded with fees like key money, renewal fees, guarantor company fees, and so on.

We completely understand these kinds of difficulties, so we have been building up our team to support foreigners to find homes in Japan.
Our job may be finding your home or helping you move,
If you need to find a room for rent while being transferred or moving,
we are here to help you! Our office is located in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

We often hear that foreigner has difficulty in renting their residence in Japan.When you've accessed to our company, You can think that there is not the person who deal with foreigner in English.

"Fastest procedure in Japan!"
"Nocredit card needed!"
"Usable starting tomorrow!"


"JP SMART SIM" service enable you to use your mobile phone in Japan.
Our support team tailors your telecommunication difficulty.


"Heya Commu!" is an enjoyable activity, that is,
recreation such as dinner party, futsal activity, annual seasonal event and so on.       
Anyone who has contracted our service become certified to join in. 



ACCESS to 97.5% of the Market

No need to see more than one real estate agent.We can contact other companies' properties and do all the work.


Nihon Agent Real Estate


THE SITE 01, 2nd floor, 3-25-29 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Open : 10:00~19:00
Closed : Tuesday , Wednesday
From January through March, you can contact us on Tuesday.

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