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We can go through your procedure for mobile wi-fi sevice specialized MVNO for visitors to Japan

We can go through your procedure for mobile wi-fi sevice specialized MVNO for visitors to Japan, so that anyone who use "jp-mobile" can enjoy travel smartly! Fastest proicedure in japan, no credit card needed, usable starting tomorrow!
Our company, Nihon Agent Real Estate is located in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Please contact us by phone call 03-3446-9992 / +81-3-3446-9992 or via application format.

Services for smartly enjoying one's stay in Japan



THE SITE 01, 2nd floor,


Takanawa, Minato-ku Tokyo

Customer Support for foreigners visiting Japan (Before Travel)

"This service is meant for foreigners who visit Japan, especially individual travelers, as it may be stressful to gather information and travel around. In order to travel smartly and enjoy one’s stay in Japan, one can purchase SIM cards, JR passes or other amusement facilities’ tickets prior travelling."

Provide communication service for foreigners living in Japan

We provide multi-lingual support on SIM card, smartphone, optical fiber network, and pocket Wi-Fi router services to overseas students and internship training program participants, who have just arrived Japan, who may not hold a credit card or local bank account.

Industry Specific MVNO

"Our share of bandwidths provides network connection to hundreds of Thousands of people a year, and as a MVNO, we also make use of the bandwidths and time zones which are not fully utilized, to industries such as the IoT at a low cost. Also, we provide small lots of SIM cards to BtoB clients, who took advantage of their experiences and know how’s, so that they can work with clients in specific industries."

Inbound Advertisement Business

Customers can purchase our SIM cards or other products through pre-trip electronic commerce sites, and bundled flyers or coupons can be sent to customers one or two weeks before their trip. This can also be used for branding and promotion of distribution retailers.

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