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We often hear that foreigner has difficulty in renting their residence in Japan.
when you've accessed to our company,You can think that there is not the person who deal with foreigner in English or Chinese.

Hobby : Basketball

Motivation for the job : The challenge !

What's good about Japan : Various food, four seasons, and O-MO-TE-NA-SHI !

Recommend spot : The Minato Mirai area in Yokohama. There are many famous spots and beautiful scenery !

Recommend food : Ramen ! There are many Ramen restaurants in Japan. You can try various flavors !

Thoughts as manager of the International Division : I'll keep working to change the housing situation for foreigners in Japan. To make it easier and more comfortable !

Hobby : Traveling and Karaoke

Motivation for the job : Finding a room that fulfills a customer's every demand.

What's good about Japan : Japan is a very safe place, and there are many historical places.

Recommend spot : Tokyo Sky-tree is a good place to visit! The view from there is incredible.

Recommend food : An Izakaya is kind of Japanese bar, it has variety of foods and drinks. I recommend you to order a “nomi-houdai plan” there. It means all you can drink within a time frame. It sounds good, doesn't it ?

Thoughts as manager of the International Division : I think finding a room is fun, but also stressful for customers. That is why I will try to relieve you of stress as much as possible and find the best room for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you smile at the end, so I will meet your demands.

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